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Our Culture & Experience

Behind Convenient Capital is a quartet of visionaries: Barry, Gavin, Matt, and Vijay. With a treasure trove of over 100 years in finance, our founders infuse every transaction with rich insights from global trade to working capital. Our history spans iconic banks to start-up successes, giving us a deep connection to the entrepreneurial spirit.

We see the financial hurdles SMEs face and choose to pave smoother paths to success. Our approach is one of unwavering optimism and proactive support—we're here to fan the flames of possibility, not dampen dreams with doubt. Our promise is to simplify your journey to funding, making 'yes' the default answer to your ambitions.

While the financial landscape shifts, our dedication does not. We're more than a team; we're your allies, always on call to discuss your needs. Your growth is our mission, and our doors (and lines) are always open to ensure your venture thrives. Connect with us on our Team Page, and let's create a future defined by opportunity.