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How our Funding Solutions Work

At Convenient Capital, we believe in keeping things transparent and straightforward. Here's how we help your business thrive with our funding solutions

Step 1: Assessment

Begin by filling out a simple application form with basic details about your 
business and the type of funding you’re seeking. We'll assess your needs and the
nature of your transactions—whether you’re buying or selling, domestically or 

Step 2: Tailored Solutions

Based on your specific business requirements, we’ll craft a financing solution that fits. From paying overseas suppliers to unlocking cash tied in invoices, we provide options that work with your business cycle.

Step 3: Our Charges

Our Charges are transparent. No Hidden Charges! We charge a fixed monthly interest rate for the funding we provide and a monthly fixed management fee for providing and managing the facility. We offer a 12-month Revolving Credit Facility on a three month “rolling contract” The way we do it allows you to budget and know exactly what your costs are.

Step 4: Quick Processing

We know speed is of the essence. Once you submit all necessary documents, we 
work diligently to process your application quickly, ensuring minimal wait time 
for funding approval.

Step 5: Funding Disbursement

Upon approval, the funds will be made available to you in a timely manner. For 
supplier payments, we pay them directly, so you can fulfill your orders without 
delay. For invoice financing, we credit you up to 90% of the invoice value almost 

Step 6: Repayment & Growth

Repayment terms are aligned with your sales and cash flow, ensuring they 
support your business's growth. Our goal is to help you expand without the usual
financial strains.