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Empowering SMEs with

Simple and Quick Import & Export Trade Finance and Working Capital Solutions to bridge gaps and build your business.

Welcome to Convenient Capital; We are a Trade Finance, Invoice Finance and Inventory Finance principal lender (not Broker) to UK SME’s - the engine of the UK economy. Whether you are Importing or Exporting we can help you. We provide funding lines to suit your requirements up to seven figure funding.

At Convenient Capital, we unlock the growth potential in your business with appropriate financial solutions to greatly improve your cash flow and buying power. With over 100 years’ experience in the UK Trade Finance and Working Capital funding sector, our Founders, Barry, Gavin, Matt and Vijay are committed to supporting your every step to grow your business and make it more successful.

Our Services

Streamline your import and export transactions with our secure international payment solutions.

Paying Foreign Suppliers

Growing your business globally? Our financing ensures timely payments to foreign suppliers, aligned with your sales cycle. Simple and cash flow-friendly.

Paying UK Suppliers

Keep your UK supply chain strong with our financing solutions. We ensure timely, hassle-free payments to your UK suppliers, supporting your business's success.

Invoice Discounting Your Invoices

Immediate Cash Flow Boost

Don't let payment delays slow you down. Our invoice discounting service injects 
cash into your business by purchasing your outstanding invoices.

Inventory Finance

Stock Up, Stress Down

Our inventory finance options provide the flexibility to stock high-quality, non-
perishable goods. From tech to stationery, we help ensure your ware

Supply Chain Finance for Bigger Buyers

Immediate Supplier Payments

Boost your business relationships and support your supply chain with our Supply 
Chain Finance for Bigger Buyer


Foreign Suppliers

Global Trade Financing Simplified

Paying Foreign Suppliers

Navigating international waters to grow your business? Our financing solutions 
streamline the process of paying foreign suppliers. If your goods are pre-sold, 
we've got the rest covered. We'll handle payments to your suppliers, and our 
repayment terms are aligned with your sales cycle. Simple, straightforward, and 
designed with your cash flow in mind.
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Strengthening Local Connections

Paying UK Suppliers

Buying from UK suppliers can now be as smooth as your operations. With pre-
sold goods, our financial services ensure you don't miss a beat. We support your 
purchases by paying suppliers directly, allowing you to maintain your momentum
without dipping into your cash reserves.
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